“Fruit and Flowers” created in 1983 By Vincent Farrell (1928-2008)


This beautiful painting was created by Vincent Farrell in 1983 as a gift for his youngest daughter and my beloved sister, Dion Forbes . It is with great despair upon the death of our father that this painting is still missing. Whom ever is in possession of this painting currently does not have clear title to this work of art as deemed by its original owner Dion Forbes. If anyone has any information regarding this painting please contact us immediately.


2 thoughts on ““Fruit and Flowers” created in 1983 By Vincent Farrell (1928-2008)

  1. Dear Ms. Forbes,

    LOVE your father’s work – just beautiful – thank you for sharing it in this blog. How wonderful to have children dedicate a blog to his memory. Obviously a dear man to be so beloved.

    My husband’s family inherited a painting of an old house by Vincent Farrell’s and we are wondering if you have any record of where this house is located. In the upper left hand corner, on the back of painting, is written “House 4th and —— (can’t make it out, perhaps Flower?) Santa Ana”. When we searched on Google maps could not find any similar house in area. Any idea?

    Thank you,
    Heidi Glauninger
    Newhall, CA

    • Dear Heidi,
      Thank you so much for your interest and appreciation of my father’s art. It really means so much to me and my sister Dion.

      if you could send me an email with a photo of the painting attached to it I may be of some assistance to you. please try to take a photo of the back of the painting where it is written “4th and ….”

      you may send this information to : artistvincentfarrell@yahoo.com

      Look forward to hearing from you,

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