Moon Over Chicago

by Vincent Farrell

Vincent Farrell published a limited edition serigraph series of “Moon Over Chicago” with his friend Grant Antik. The original oil painting was painted from Grant’s Lake Shore Towers apartment on the 32 floor with a beautiful panorama of Chicago.

Vincent Farrell at the La Quinta Tennis Club for the 1984 Congoleum Classic

The Pavillion in Newport Beach, California by Vincent Farrell

Back cover of "Monet's Garden" Brochure 1980

In 1980 this painting was created and graced the back cover of the “Monet’s garden” brochure which announced the mid August summer exhibition .

Vincent Farrell “Laguna”

A scene painted by Vincent Farrell in a very loose and free-form . A single application of paint in some parts of this painting with the canvas visible, as he used the white linen canvas to express the highlights on the rocks in the foreground. This subject matter came very easily to him , which often happened in his work when he was richly inspired, the painting was created in 1979.


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Southern California’s Crystal Cove State Park Located in Orange County

This painting created by Vincent Farrell (1928-2008) is oil on linen and has a limited edition signed and numbered lithograph print available for purchase. This colorful scene captures the pristine coastline of Southern California’s Crystal Cove, which is now known as Crystal Cove State Park, a nature lovers paradise.

Impressionist and Modern Artists’ works for sale in New York on May 2, 2012

Cèzanne, Manet, Kandinsky and Ferdinand Lèger as well as Henry Moore will be available. It will be interesting to see what this auction will bring as Christie’s of New York City has combined works from private family collections to present to the public for purchase. Click on the link Impressionists and Modern art featured in New York May 2, 2012 . Henry Moore (1898-1986)  to view these beautiful textile designs by Henry Moore click here.

this was a lovely tribute made by David Kanigan regarding my blog dedicated to my father. David’s blog is very inspirational and a way for all of us to help each other through the rough days with hope and human kindness. please stop by his blog and have a look i know you will be happy you did! also David has kindly featured a couple of my father’s art pieces too and generously made an announcement for an up coming blog event which shall take place on April 20th on the Home and Hearth magazine blog.!!! Stop by David’s blog to view the link 😉


Live & Learn

Vanessa tripped into my blog post “If you are stuck, listen up.” Apparently it resonated with her on a less-than-sunny-day. She left a comment on the post that led to a bit of back and forth between us – – two bloggers not previously acquainted – yet connected in this community that continues to amaze. I learned the following:

Vanessa and her sister Dion had wanted to create a blog as a tribute to their Dad and keep his memory alive.  However, re-living the sorrow of the loss of her Father was “a reality she had difficulty confronting.” However, as she proceeded to build the blog, the effort actually became a celebration of his life and his art.

The blog is titled “Vincent Farrell Artist.”  It is dedicated to the art and life of Vincent Farrell 1928-2008 who Vanessa describes as “my…

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Soul awakenings in the documentary “Alive Inside”


An elderly man becomes alive again when he listens to music from his generation and gives his advice to change the world through the power of music a clip from “Alive Inside”

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