9 thoughts on “VIVA ITALIA !

    • My father took a panting trip to Italy to prepare for a gallery exhibition, he loved everything about Italia ; the art, the food, the wine and especially the people. In the afternoons, my father would spend his time sketching and people watching while having a drink in one of the many out door cafes. Italians are so supportive of the arts, they cherish artists and there are over 385 national museums in Italy. Italy is an artists paradise. As my father would say, “What is not to love about Italia?”. Those drawings became these paintings and the inspiration for his exhibition.

      Many years later, I also had the privilege of moving to Italy to expand my art education, my father was envious, proud and despondent over my absence yet he encouraged me and guided me and eventually he revealed to me going there was the best choice. Today I consider Italia as my second home. Everyone should visit Italy at least once in their lifetime…ahhhh Italia che bella!!

      Thank you for stopping by my blog and I hope you are able to visit again soon 😉


      • I completely concur with your father, “What’s not to like about Italy?” I say it all the time.
        Sounds like you’ve had a very interesting life. I hope to live in Italy one day, if only for a little while.

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