Many years ago, in between my gallery stints working with my father at Vincent Farrell Studio Gallery, I took an internship at a small record company called Enigma Records. It was a happy time in music with amazing innovations in sound plus the edition of video lead to the beginning of one of the most creative musical groups on our roster at Enigma  Records, DEVO. The recipe of  electronic key board music, art, design, humor combined with a great distaste for the hypocrisy of the leather clad, metal, hair bands of the late 70′ , all of these ingredients were poured into a top-secret, musical super collider, found deep under ground somewhere and unknown to the rest of us, and then DEVO emerged . I went from intern to short-lived production staffer at Enigma and it tugs my heart ventricles to write that our little label had spirit as we walked around the Enigma offices with our shiny, red, inverted flowerpot hats and Devo haz-mat styled jump suits – we were ready to change the music world! Well, perhaps that is an exaggeration because we didn’t wear our Devo-wear every day, but we were determined to change music as we witnessed Devo’s soar up the charts. Enigma Records did make its mark, at least for a short while on the world of music but, sadly now, is no longer. However, Devo has remained ever since with a faithful and adoring fan base and I am proud to say, I am one of the Devo modernist followers.

Today, with a new record and tour, Devo is still just as amazing as ever and reaching further into their creativity by collaborating with founder, Bradford Shellhammer. We love Braford’s innovative style, his true and innate sense of color and intelligent wit. Check out Bradford Shellhammer’s blog : Also involved in this project is Pop Art Designer, Kii Arens, his love and knowledge of music has been instrumental in creating the collection of Devo is Design as he worked closely with the band to create these colorful fauves designs.

The sale for all Devo  items on will end in 2 days so we highly recommend you have a look!

Peace to all you new wave modernists past and present,
Vanessa Forbes


3 thoughts on “IT MUST BE DEVO!

    • yes they have a new CD available and are playing some dates. What i love about Devo is that they are quintessential artists, embracing new music, humor and most of all the avant guarde art as manifested by famed pop artist Kii Arens. This band will always bring a smile to my face 😉 we should think about them more often!!

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