Southern California’s Crystal Cove State Park Located in Orange County

This painting created by Vincent Farrell (1928-2008) is oil on linen and has a limited edition signed and numbered lithograph print available for purchase. This colorful scene captures the pristine coastline of Southern California’s Crystal Cove, which is now known as Crystal Cove State Park, a nature lovers paradise.

15 thoughts on “Southern California’s Crystal Cove State Park Located in Orange County

    • thank you David! this is a view which my father loved and he painted it from another part of Crystal Cove State Park . Pacific Coast Highway 1 also famously known as PCH, is the road featured in the painting and leads you through all the little beach towns in Southern California and ends in San Diego. The scenery is spectacular with the vast Pacific Ocean on your right if you are heading south. I included the link to the state park because they offer some great lodging for campers right on the beach for an economical price.

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  2. Hi, I really love this painting. It is so beautiful and I wish that I can paint beautiful pictures too. It reminds me of the beaches in California that I had visited. And thanks for visiting my blog and ‘liking’ my post đŸ™‚

    • you are welcome! your spectacles look great! my dad painted this painting and it was his impression of the California coastline. he was able to create this painting by practicing drawing ever day. he would look and study with his eyes the subject and then start drawing. you can paint like this too if you practice drawing and then when you learn to draw very well you can start to paint!hope you can stop by my blog more often. have a great day!!

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