Vincent Farrell Post-Impressionist Artist Extraordinaire by Susan Van Brackle

Susan Van Brackle , editor of Home and Hearth Magazine wrote a lovely article about the art of Vincent Farrell. In addition to this new article Susan wrote, I had an amazing experience working with her on the online gallery exhibition which ran on Home and Hearth Magazine from April 20th-28th, 2012. The painting “Floral with View From El Moro” was featured in the online exhibition among other works created by artist Vincent Farrell . To read Susan’s article please click here.

For all of you I wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Floral Still Life with a View of El Moro Bay

8 thoughts on “Vincent Farrell Post-Impressionist Artist Extraordinaire by Susan Van Brackle

  1. It’s interesting that she compares his work to that of Van Gogh, as well as Monet and Manet. I immediately thought of Van Gogh’s style when I saw the Chicago moon painting. Was he named after Vincent Van Gogh, by chance?

    • My father deeply admired Van Gogh, Monet and Manet as he admired all the Fauves artists of the impressionist period. if he were here today he would be humbly flattered by Susan Van Brackle’s compliments even though he strived to create his own recognizable style as an artist. No, he was not named after Van Gogh. thank you for stopping by πŸ™‚

  2. I lived in Laguna in the early eighties and got to know your father through his gallery. I have a couple brochures from his ‘Studio Gallery’ from that time period. They are cherished! I wish I had one of his paintings. Are they available anywhere? I also loved the mural he did at the Kingdom Hall in Laguna behind the stage.

    • Thank You sooo much for your kind words! Yes that was a beautiful mural. if you contact me by email I would be happy to send you a few more brochures. we do have lovely unframed prints for sale and serigraphs and we also may put you in contact with someone is is selling several paintings as well. Have I met you before, perhaps in the Laguna Beach gallery? all the best, vanessa πŸ˜‰

  3. In the late 80’s I resided in Monarch Beach, and worked in Laguna. Vincent Farrell was by far the most talented artist and wonderful human being in Laguna Beach. In a city filled with Artists, art galleries and the like, I spent many lunch hours Vincent’s gallery on PCH. When I drove by the gallery daily , I literally had a stiff neck while drooling at the newest work on display. When my then boss asked me what I wanted for a bonus (for stellar work performance) my answer was always the same… A Vincent Farrell piece please … I currently still own and enjoy Laguna, Laguna Spring, and Roses.. and wish I had more. I was saddened to learn of Vincent’s passing. What a tremendous artist and great man. I treasure him for the beauty and joy he brought into my life.

    • This is really a touching post you have written and it truly describes the reason my father started painting. It was always his goal to depict the beauty in this world by means of creating his art, he wanted to enhance the surroundings of others. It was fascinating to me how he created his paintings, the color palette he used, the subject matter he selected, his main goal was to be completely different from everyone else. I do know he never wasted his time imitating anyone else’s work which is why he so painstakingly studied art. My father loved Laguna Beach for its inherent natural splendor and peaceful life style and I think his paintings have captured the scenery and coastline of the once little artist’s village now turned chic resort town , beautifully. Of course I am a bit biased! I hope you have signed up for email alerts here on the blog. Please stay in touch, Dion and I love to hear from our father’s patrons! You may also send us an email if you like to
      So good to hear from you Clark!
      kind regards,

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