Francis Bacon, Sui Generis

Sui generis , is Latin for ‘of its own kind’ and that best describes the art of Francis Bacon. Standing alone, with no predecessors to derive from, Bacon was a master draftsman and painter , he could draw the human form and then turn it inside out by super-imposing multiple images which all had everything and nothing to do with each other. A lone and rare painter who was deeply sensitive, who was fortunate to receive accolades in his life time and at the very same time extremely unfortunate because those recognitions came at a very dear price. Sotheby’s has created a short film about the artist and the link :

Francis Bacon Sale Highlight will tell the story.


2 thoughts on “Francis Bacon, Sui Generis

  1. I knew of the philosopher by that name–apparently Francis Bacon, the artist, was named after him. His paintings are interesting, but a bit too expressionistic for me. I prefer Vincent Farrell’s work.

    • hahaha! Bacon painted from photographs and was a figure painter who achieved great success during his life time. Bacon’s work is deeply personal and almost unexplainable, a genre all his own and his candor and wit about other artists I love. Bacon, hold’s nothing back and expresses himself freely without remorse which is wonderful. Vincent Farrell painted from life, on location, landscapes and figures in a post impressionistic manner with a vibrantly rich color palette distinctively his own. Art is subjective and that is the beauty of it, but, my father’s work is always my favorite.

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