The Difficult Journey Is Half The Fun, Even When You Don’t Know It

For all you dream chasers out there who feel as if you will never achieve what your heart desires, don’t worry! We have no control of what twists and turns life gives us. Do not ever compare yourself to the perceived success of others…most of the time those folks are lying about how wonderfully happy they truly are . Just do the best you are able to do even in the worst circumstances, in the kindest way possible.


10 thoughts on “The Difficult Journey Is Half The Fun, Even When You Don’t Know It

  1. Vanessa –

    I don’t know how you came across my new blow, A New Heart for Lee, but I am sooo glad that you did! The quote above really hit home, especially “Just do the best you are able to do even in the worst circumstances, in the kindest way possible,” This is how I am looking at each day right now.

    Your father’s art is spectacular, and I remember visiting his Laguna gallery many years ago. I studied art in the late 1970’s, and was engaged to an art dealer/artist/gallery owner. We used to go to all of the southern CA galleries, gallery shows, attend auctions, etc on a regular basis. Your father’s work caught my eye immediately, and brought back good memories. You are a lucky girl to have grown up with a man with such beautiful vision and talent.

    My life did a 180 degree turn in the 1980’s, and art was put on the back burner, so it is wonderful to re-find your fathers work! I will be following your site, now that I know it exisits, to bring light and beauty into my life. Thank you!


    • dear susan,

      I stumbled upon your blog only by chance, i was searching for blogs about Laguna Beach perhaps and that was how i found your blog. What a difficult time it must be for your brother Lee and for the rest of your family. Creating the blog in order to keep your family and friends posted on Lee’s situation is such a wonderful idea!

      Your story about visiting my father’s gallery and appreciating his art work means so much to my sister Dion and to me.

      We will certainly keep you all in our prayers and we hope that Lee receives his new heart straight away.

      kindest regards,

    • when someone is in difficulty what are the alternatives? i found that quote somewhere on the bloggosphere and it really touched me and motivated me to write that post based on the trials,tribulations and disappointments of just about everyone I know. it pleases me to know that in some tiny way that post made a difference. thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

  2. searching for Vincent this am and found you by chance……I am so excited…I have 2 of your fathers paintings…….among my very favorite things of which there seems to be abundance I am into my 80th year…..and you will not believe this one painting is of his cottage……….w/ garden and airdale in the yard hangs in the room of my now too large house where I spend most all of my time..I am thrilled t meet up ….this is most exciting.I did not know of Vincents passing I am so sorry but he remains forever ..I would love to meet you both……Cody

    • Dear Cody,
      Thank you for finding us here on our blog! there were so many people who entered our father’s life so I created this blog as a way to stay in touch. It would be my sincere pleasure to meet you some time! the painting you have sounds beautiful and typical of my father. His cottage and his dog were always a symbol to me of his hard work and dedication to art and were both his favorite subjects to paint. thank you for your heart felt condolences it really means so much to us. Please keep in touch!!!
      kindest regards,

  3. I love this, I love the words that you write, and your art, it reminds me a little of two of my favourite artists, Iona Leishman and Melody Hawtin. Thanks for liking my post, because of that I looked you up. Jane x

    • Jane, i very happy that you are enjoying my blog! my greatest desire is to inspire others through my father’s art and hopefully with the wisdom which he imparted to me and my sister Dion about art and life. Even in my father’s absence I have found even the most insignificant things remind me of my father.

      I realize your blog was the beginning of your own healing of a lost relationship and we have all experienced those moments. All I can say is those painful memories are usually what it takes to get us to move toward our bright and wonderful futures!

      Thanks for stopping by!
      kind regards,

      • Thank you for your kind words Vanessa. Your father was obviously a very talented man, and how amazing to have the legacy of his work. You are right, our experiences in life are what make us the people that we are, and in some ways I feel incredibly lucky to have experienced what it feels like to love, and be loved in a heart and soul kind of a way. And even though it ended, I cant’ regret the whole experience, it was without doubt the most wonderful time in my life.

        Love, Jane x

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