Tall Ships” was a painting created after Vincent Farrell made a trip to New York City in 1984 during the first Fleet Week. Inspired and fascinated by the ships grandeur and magnificent displays he created many paintings and drawings of the United States Navy, United States Marine Corps and United States Coast Guard active duty ships which dock in the Hudson River.

As New York celebrates Fleet Week I would like to personally thank our United States Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard for their dedication and service!

To view photos of this years New York City Fleet week you may click on these links : The U.K. Daily Mail , The New Haven Register’s New York City Fleet Week Photo Slide Show.

In honor of the men and women of the United States Armed Forces, Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum has joined the celebrations in New York City for the 25th annual Fleet Week for more information on the festivities, which run from May 23 – 29 ,  click on this link : Intrepid Museum Fleet Week program for all the information regarding the visiting ships which come from all around the world to dock in New York Harbor, Pier displays, movie night, performances and so much more!

Click here : for the official Fleet Week NYC website


17 thoughts on “NEW YORK CITY FLEET WEEK!!!

      • I love his Pantings! I like those pantings above, they look like they were made with colored bricks! I’m sorry about your fathers death.

      • Your kind words mean a great deal so thank you so much. the multi colored painting above is oil paint on a hand made paper, and the surface of the paper is very rough and has an uneven texture to it. what you see here on the blog is only a section of a very large painting. I am glad you like the art! hope you have a chance to stop by again!

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  2. What a fascinating style–I’ve never seen anything like it! “Bricks” of color almost connected, but not quite–like a unique type of mosaic!

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  4. I bought a painting by your father from John Moran’s a few months ago. They have sold all three that show up on Artnet. I love them all and the one with the twisting road is amazing as is the one I bought as well. It’s the one with the still life with flowers and the melon and the door is open to reveal two sailboats in the ocean. It’s quite a still life-interior-exterior-scene I collected art for many years and now sell and now sell and must say he is one of the most original artists in California history and there are so many greats, more than all the others put together. He captured the modern era of the state with the joy, optimism and bright days for residents and visitors alike. I wish I could see more paintings when I type his name and images on google. Only about ten show up. If there isn’t a book of his art there should be one. Maybe you will do that or another relative who knew him so well. Rick

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