Brochure of the first art exhibition in the Vincent Farrell Studio Gallery in Laguna Beach, California

biography-1975-webbio brochure 1975041

A brochure from the first gallery show in Laguna Beach at our 1330 South Coast Hwy. Laguna Beach Studio Gallery.  This painting was oil on linen depicting a still life with a large bouquet of his favorite flowers, various shades of large China mum and gladioli flowers in a crystal vase on a white linen table cloth, with french doors opening to a balcony, over looking the pacific ocean.

The painting was the cover of the brochure and on the back was a then current biography of my father’s most recent accomplishments. The show took place in August of 1975 and it was quite an affair with full catering and open bar, there were over 1000 people in attendance and every painting sold.

My father shows were always grand, elegant and fun, he enjoyed them as much as his patrons! Most paintings were hung while the paint was still wet, it takes at least one year for an oil painting to completely dry.  As my father would quote his beloved maestro Sergei Bongart, “Paint like you are rich!” . Layer upon lay of oil paint using only linseed oil and practically no turpentine to thin the paint was the reason for the long drying process.