This blog is dedicated to the art and life of Vincent Farrell 1928-2008, he was my maestro , my inspiritor and my beloved father. My sister Dion and I hope to keep his memory alive and well here on our new blog by posting some of our favorite photos and anecdotes about our father and his work as an artist in Laguna Beach, California. We hope you all come to appreciate what a life of creating art by hand truly means when you visit this blog.

Upon occasion, I will post also about my personal artistic explorations in art and photography. My father taught me everything I know about light, composition and color saturation, he was as I have said before my teacher for all things artistic and I give him my sincere gratitude for the gift of creating art .

Peace and light,

Vanessa Forbes

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  1. What a cool cool blog! Your father was amazingly gifted–as are you it seems. Love what you’ve done here. Many thanks for stopping by foodforfun’s cornbread and connections so I could find you:-)

    • Love food! always have and always will!made some cornbread yesterday, your blog inspired me! Thank you so much for your kind words about my father’s art. please stop by agan and i will do the same at your blog when i need more fun with my food ๐Ÿ˜‰
      kind regards,

  2. Vanessa. What a wonderful way for your Dad’s art work to live on and on. We bought one of your Dad’s early paintings when we lived in Corona del mar in 1972. It is a gorgeous patio garden painting that adorns a prominent wall in our Amelia Island, Fl home. It has inspired the two of us to paint and we now enjoy our own artwork. Thanks for all you’re doing in his memory.

    • I am so happy to hear from you! It would please my father to no end to learn that his art work inspired you both to become artists, truly I can think of no greater compliment to him! Art is a wonderful way of life, there are so many interesting people and the work is never finished. Have you seen the new and very beautiful website I created? http://vincentfarrellgallery.com I hope you have an opportunity to log on to the site. there is a retrospective gallery and you may sign up to receive our newsletter on the ‘Contact” page of the site then I can send you the password for the purchase section, which is password protected. Please keep in touch ๐Ÿ™‚
      Kind regards,

  3. I stumbled on this site by accident when I recognized the name and picture of Vince. I grew up in Bisbee as a small boy, was a friend of the family, and a daughter who is close to my age. I remember being in their home and seeing Vincent’s studio. I was amazed by all the colors of paint he had and his images in progress. One time they put on a play in which all of us kids performed. They moved to Laguna Beach and I always wondered what become of the artist and his art. Now I am pleased to know.

  4. Help! Loved visiting your dad for many years in Laguna. We lived there too. Are there any paintings for sale??? Thanks, Carol

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