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The Difficult Journey Is Half The Fun, Even When You Don’t Know It

For all you dream chasers out there who feel as if you will never achieve what your heart desires, don’t worry! We have no control of what twists and turns life gives us. Do not ever compare yourself to the perceived success of others…most of the time those folks are lying about how wonderfully happy they truly are . Just do the best you are able to do even in the worst circumstances, in the kindest way possible.



Experience the Peggy Guggenheim Collection by taking a virtual tour! click on the link below or paste it into your browser window and you will be transferred automatically to Venezia , Italia where the collection is housed. First take the … Continue reading

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Buon Apetito e Prego!

A brochure from the travels of Vincent Farrell for his 1977 August exhibition

This is a brochure from 1977 of a collection of paintings created by Vincent Farrell from his travels in Italy. A vase of roses are the center piece with a good Italian Chianti wine to complement and the melon with various fruits are all that remain from this Tuscan picnic.