WE ♡ BOSTON! “Boston Strong: A Tribute For All Americans”

WE ♡ BOSTON!!! What a sad day when we have to make a tribute of this kind however, our thoughts and prayers are for everyone in Boston but especially for those who are suffering from death and injury due to this horrible bombing. The evil shall never prosper and we hope the perpetrators of this horrendous crime will be brought to justice by the long arm of the law. God’s speed to resolve this blood thirsty crime.

The New 95.7 The Spot

HOUSTON (HOT 95-7) – Within seconds of the first bomb exploding onto the innocent bystanders, runners and volunteers at the Boston Marathon on Monday, people dashed to helped the wounded. And our country as a whole has mourned for those affected by this awful attack.

Americans everywhere have emerged to show support for a great city assaulted by the twin bombs and the tragedies associated with terrorism.

Boston strong. American proud.

Please enjoy this video and share it with as many people as possible.

Tragedy in Boston:
Hear A First-Hand Account Of The Carnage | How To Talk To Children About Terrorism
Images From The Scene At The Boston Marathon | Remembering A Victim: Martin Richard, 8

Fueled by anger and grief following Monday’s bombings in Boston, PK – one of the morning jocks for HOT 95-7 in Houston – has used his filmmaking talents to create this very…

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The Difficult Journey Is Half The Fun, Even When You Don’t Know It

For all you dream chasers out there who feel as if you will never achieve what your heart desires, don’t worry! We have no control of what twists and turns life gives us. Do not ever compare yourself to the perceived success of others…most of the time those folks are lying about how wonderfully happy they truly are . Just do the best you are able to do even in the worst circumstances, in the kindest way possible.

Francis Bacon, Sui Generis

Sui generis , is Latin for ‘of its own kind’ and that best describes the art of Francis Bacon. Standing alone, with no predecessors to derive from, Bacon was a master draftsman and painter , he could draw the human form and then turn it inside out by super-imposing multiple images which all had everything and nothing to do with each other. A lone and rare painter who was deeply sensitive, who was fortunate to receive accolades in his life time and at the very same time extremely unfortunate because those recognitions came at a very dear price. Sotheby’s has created a short film about the artist and the link :

Francis Bacon Sale Highlight will tell the story.

Impressionist and Modern Artists’ works for sale in New York on May 2, 2012

Cèzanne, Manet, Kandinsky and Ferdinand Lèger as well as Henry Moore will be available. It will be interesting to see what this auction will bring as Christie’s of New York City has combined works from private family collections to present to the public for purchase. Click on the link Impressionists and Modern art featured in New York May 2, 2012 . Henry Moore (1898-1986)  to view these beautiful textile designs by Henry Moore click here.