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“Balboa” limited edition fine art serigraph print available for purchase


This scene is taken from Balboa Island near Newport Beach, California. Contact us by email for purchase inquiries.


“Laguna Spring” a limited edition, signed and number serigraph fine art print available for purchase


This fine art serigraph printed is signed by the artist and available for purchase. Contact us by email for further details.

“Lilacs” a limited edition lithograph available for purchase


Limited edition signed and number prints available for purchase. Please contact us via email for more information.

Vincent Farrell “Laguna”

A scene painted by Vincent Farrell in a very loose and free-form . A single application of paint in some parts of this painting with the canvas visible, as he used the white linen canvas to express the highlights on the rocks in the foreground. This subject matter came very easily to him , which often happened in his work when he was richly inspired, the painting was created in 1979.


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Impressionist and Modern Artists’ works for sale in New York on May 2, 2012

Cèzanne, Manet, Kandinsky and Ferdinand Lèger as well as Henry Moore will be available. It will be interesting to see what this auction will bring as Christie’s of New York City has combined works from private family collections to present to the public for purchase. Click on the link Impressionists and Modern art featured in New York May 2, 2012 . Henry Moore (1898-1986)  to view these beautiful textile designs by Henry Moore click here.

“Fruit and Flowers” created in 1983 By Vincent Farrell (1928-2008)


This beautiful painting was created by Vincent Farrell in 1983 as a gift for his youngest daughter and my beloved sister, Dion Forbes . It is with great despair upon the death of our father that this painting is still missing. Whom ever is in possession of this painting currently does not have clear title to this work of art as deemed by its original owner Dion Forbes. If anyone has any information regarding this painting please contact us immediately.