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Welcoming Autumn

There is so much to tell that it is impossible for me to fit everything into one mere post! However, I’ll give you all a little glimpse of what will be here on this blog in the coming months…

First, we will make a special VINCENT FARRELL PRINT GIVEAWAY for the Holidays! A special person will receive a signed, limited edition print created by Vincent Farrell in remembrance of our father’s birthday, which is December 9th .  We want you all to keep checking back here for the details of this wonderful giveaway!

Secondly, upon numerous requests, I will create an online gallery space to exhibit   Vincent Farrell’s art here on this blog. We will have a collection of paintings, fine art serigraphs and lithographic limited edition signed and numbered prints available online  for purchase. There will be all price ranges so no one will be excluded from having an opportunity to purchase an original Vincent Farrell piece of art.

In an effort to contribute to causes and charities that touch and impact my life and Dion’s, we will make charitable art contributions to enrich and help the lives of others. This is a  tradition held by our father and one that Dion and I both eagerly want to continue . We will consider charities which impact children, young artists from the least likely places and women’s causes. Through the gift of art, we seek to lift the spirits of those around us and to honor our father . As the holiday season draws near, what better way for us to effect change than to elevate the human spirit by making a charitable gesture with art?

 “We will fail unless we consciously appreciate the value of art in our lives and  take practical steps to encourage the artist and preserve his work.”, General Dwight D. Eisenhower’s speech delivered at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City on April 2, 1946 when he was presented with an Honorary Life Fellowship for his efforts in preserving art during World War II.

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Tall Ships” was a painting created after Vincent Farrell made a trip to New York City in 1984 during the first Fleet Week. Inspired and fascinated by the ships grandeur and magnificent displays he created many paintings and drawings of the United States Navy, United States Marine Corps and United States Coast Guard active duty ships which dock in the Hudson River.

As New York celebrates Fleet Week I would like to personally thank our United States Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard for their dedication and service!

To view photos of this years New York City Fleet week you may click on these links : The U.K. Daily Mail , The New Haven Register’s New York City Fleet Week Photo Slide Show.

In honor of the men and women of the United States Armed Forces, Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum has joined the celebrations in New York City for the 25th annual Fleet Week for more information on the festivities, which run from May 23 – 29 ,  click on this link : Intrepid Museum Fleet Week program for all the information regarding the visiting ships which come from all around the world to dock in New York Harbor, Pier displays, movie night, performances and so much more!

Click here : for the official Fleet Week NYC website